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Little Lolita Porn


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From: Brian Bqueman
Subject: Hookup Gone Bad Part 3I woke up bright and early Saturday morning. I
couldn't get comfortable sleeping in the bathtub and
shivered in the cold. I couldn't do anything but wait.
I ended up drowsing off again only to be shocked awake
when Jon turned on the shower, spraying Little Lolita Porn freezing cold
water onto me.I have to be in hell, When is this going to end."Morning bitch." He Little Lolita Porn said. "Lets get that nasty smell
off of you. Why do you have to stink so much?"He reached into the tub and took off my gag. I moved
my soar mouth. It felt nice to be able to finally
close my jaw."Sorry buddy, but we just don't need that ring gag
anymore." Instead he strapped a ball gag into my
mouth. Now I couldn't talk at all. He turned off the
cold water."So are you ready to stop playing bitch?" he asked
looking into my eyes.I nodded my head. My poor body needed a break. I never
wanted to get on that leather site again and no matter
how hot Jon was I never wanted to sleep with him again
either. This was just too much for me."Ok then, here is the deal." He said with a smirk on
his face. "I have got you under my control right now,
I fucking own that tight ass of yours. When you let me
into your place you gave Little Lolita Porn up your freedom."I didn't like the sound of this."If you want out you have to buy your freedom. I can
give you a couple different options of course."A shiver went down my back. This was just going from
bad to worse."You can perform for me online, and earn me some cash,
you can whore yourself out and earn the money, or you
can just join my collection of slaves at home and
service my boyfriend and I until Little Lolita Porn
we tire of you." He
reached down and took off my gag again.At first I was shocked he had a boyfriend, he must
have known from the beginning he was going to fuck me
over in this hookup, and then his proposition sank in
and the fear set in again."I..I.. have money in my bank account... I can sell
some things here in my apartment... uhh.. I can work
overtime.." I stuttered. None of his options appealed
to me. I would pay anything right now to end this all,
and to get him out of here.He glared down at me, pulled out a cigarette and
started to smoke. "No you have no life right now, you
don't work for anyone but me. I told you how you can
pay me off.""Please, I... I... think I made a mistake, I never wanted
any of this" I started to cry again."I know. The thing is I don't care. You should have
been more careful, not my problem. Now you are going
to do things my way or you never get to have your own
life again." He leaned in and gave me a smoky kiss. I
was so repulsed. "So whats it going to be? You either
give me an answer now or I will simply add you to my
collection back home."I didn't want to do any of it. But as I gave it more
thought, I really didn't want any of my friends to see
me online, and defiantly didn't want to be a slave for
the rest of my life. "I.... guess I will be your whore."
I said meekly staring down into the tub, tears
streaming down my face. I could not understand what
was going on anymore."Then we need to get to work." Nobody wants sex with a
prissy ass bitch like you. Not my clients at least.
With that he helped me up in the tub, reached down and
unlocked my feet so I could walk and led me into the
kitchen. He sat me down on one of the stools and
brought over his bag. He pulled out his cell phone and
called up a friend. "He Dave, I need you to come over.
I have a new bitch that will need some finishing
touches on his makeover once I finish up." He smiled
as he looked at me and told him to be here in an hour
and gave Dave my address."He combed back my hair and proceeded to dye it. Once
he had finished changing my hair color to deep red he
pulled out some clippers."Come on, I said I would be your whore, what are you
doing this for, my friends at work are going to laugh
when they see my hair red like this.""Damn you are one thick bitch. How many times do I
have to tell you, until you buy your freedom to work
for me, and you have to follow my dress code. Shut up
while I work. Here have a smoke.""No thanks I don't smoke." I said"Well now is as good of time as any to start. Most of
my clients are Little Lolita Porn smokers and they prefer to fuck smoking
bitches." He stuffed the cigarette into my mouth and
lit. I hadn't had anything to eat and I was nervous as
hell, so I pulled on the cigarette to calm myself. Of
course I coughed, I knew I would hate smoking, just as
I knew I fucking hated being told what to do.He plugged in his clippers and I watched as he shaved
off clumps of my hair. I was left with a patch down
the middle. I had never had a Mohawk before. He died
the tips of my hair yellow and then stylized the
Mohawk for me. Since my hands were behind my back the
cigarette still dangled in my lips, I didn't dare spit
it out, just continued to casually smoke it, cough and
watch it get closer and closer to the butt. He
wouldn't let me spit it out, he scared the hell of me.
Finally he took it out, I was relieved. He only put in
another. Thats when I heard the buzzer signaling the
arrival of Dave.

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